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How much to feed a puppy guidelines for dog owners

The pet dogs are your best partner in your life and some crazy dog lovers treat them like their family members. It is because their loyalty and love they show on you. The dog owners nowadays give an intensive care for their lovable dogs. From feeding to satisfying its health needs, they do the best with love and affection. But as a little puppy, it may need some more care from the dog owner side. Especially the more quality foods you serve to your puppy will decide its growing abilities. Since it is a little one, it doesn’t have that fast digestion ability like the grown dogs. So you must be very well cleared about how much to feed a puppy daily.


The time based food feed


The recommended food feeding level is about three to four times a day. You can provide its daily meals like about a measured food levels. If you are serving about half cup of bowl to your doing then do it for three to four times a day. You must skip on giving them about ¾ cup of bowl like serving them for twice times. This may lead puppy to eat it more. Thus it may gain its weight in a regular basis. These little ones can’t digest the full cup of meal in a onetime feed because of its low digestion level. So split the serving time in to interval-based time levels. This will satisfy your puppy with good quality of foods.


Weight chart-monitor


You must daily monitor its food habits and amount of food consumption. This ensures the healthy condition of a dog. You can split your food serving time level based on the puppy’s weight and fitness level. As there is lot of difference in physical appearances and mental skills for each kind of dog pet types, it may be a bit varying in their food habits too. Consider a weight chart about your pet’s weight and keep a note of it daily. Their weights keep on changing with the daily intake of healthy foods. Always serve them with easily digestible foods and if any sudden change in their weight level then consult a good veterinary doctor.


You should not ignore the rapid increase or decrease in the weight, because it may be a warning message about your dog’s health. For about first six to eight weeks, you must be very careful in handling them. Some puppy many not eat well, so make them to be under the care of its mother. This will give them a good comfort zone and make them feel secured under their mother’s shadow. You can’t serve them to eat solid foods in an overnight feeding process. It takes time for those small dogs to be fitted with the food cycle. So start with giving them a light meal and gradually increase them in the serving amount food level. Buy branded dog meals and give them regularly in food menu. It is very important to know how much to feed a puppy for all your pet dogs.


Some information on how much to feed a puppy

If you have a pet at your home, then you are responsible for taking care of its food. If it is a puppy then you have to take care to move him from mother’s milk to a puppy food. Feeding a puppy is a very important factor because it eats a lot of food from the birth up to 6 months. Puppyhood is the period when he’ll need to eat three to four time of food to maintain his health. A puppy should gain weight each day. So he should be given a proper food at correct time by knowing in a right way of how much to feed a puppy. The newborn puppies get complete food from its mother’s milk for a few days. After that you have to take care to substitute your puppy’s food.


Feeding at the starting

If your new puppy is home, then you can start with the same brand of food which he had started taking. You can use the same feeding schedule the puppy was on before he came to your home. Later you can give other food with the instructions given by the breeder. A puppy can affect with the intestinal upset, so have to take care when you are changing the type and brand of the food. Else you can also mix the old and new brands of food to gently switch over the food. How much to feed a puppy is one of the important factors to be taken care of.


How to feed your puppy

There is lots of dog food available in the market. The dog foods are categorized for different stages of dogs. The dog food available in the market is of three types, semi-moist, moist and dry kibble. The dry kibble food is used by most of the breeders. The semi moist foods have high fat content and are usually have more water content.dry foods have a lesser water content and are mostly preferred by all breeders. You can talk with your veterinarian for the type of food for your puppy.


You can schedule the timings of foods for your puppy according to the timings. You should not leave the food for your puppy outside rather you has to feed your puppy so that it helps him to eat. Mostly puppies under 3 months should be fed three times daily and after 6 months they can be fed twice a day. After your puppies meal give him a quite time to take rest. If you puppy do not take rest after the meal it can lead to stomach upset. The amount food can be given according to the description in the puppy food bag. You should give your puppy enough water after meal.


Your puppy’s food is the only way for getting him nutrients to grow. It is good to give your puppy treats but do not give the treats before your puppy’s meal. Do not over feed your puppy for the better growth. It may lead to some diseases. Regular check up of your puppy should be done by a veterinarian. Regular checking of the weight of your puppy should be done so that you can identify your puppy’s growth by knowing how much to feed a puppy properly.


How much to feed a puppy wisely

The most common diseases in man is stress, anxiety and depression these conditions are cased due to work pressure, family problems and relationship issues, because of these problem a man becomes inefficient to face the life further. The stress in us can be reduced if we relax our mind daily after coming home, the mind relaxing activities include playing games, watching movies, playing with our pets and going out with family members. The best way to break our stress is by playing with our pets because they make us happy in their activities and fell us fresh throughout the day and live for us until its lifetime. People choose many pets for their home they are cats, dogs, parrots, fish aquarium and much more in these pets one which is faithful and human friendly is dogs. We can make our dogs as our play partner and indulge in any physical activity, the kids love dogs very much they play with throughout the day and the dog takes care of it and never try to harm the kids. Every dog is special to us and there are about hundred different breeds in dogs each one will differ from one another and their living nature and feeding habits will also be different. If we have dog in our home we no need to worry about our stress or depression because it will relax us automatically with its activities. The dogs should take care every day by giving proper foods and proving health checkups every year or month in equal intervals. The vaccination is important for every dog and we should vaccinate our pet in regular intervals to avoid diseases. The child dog is called puppy which is normal like a human child where we have to take care it daily and provide it good foods in proper proportions, the answer for how much to feed a puppy is given below.


How to care our puppy?

The puppies are not like adult dogs it should be cared everyday with nutritious food and regular health checkups. The puppies should be vaccinated properly because the immunity power in it will be very low in it so by vaccinating we can avoid many diseases. The puppies should not feed with meat by products and corn because this will harm its digestive system and create many health issues, thus give a nutritious puppy food daily in right proportions.


How much to feed a puppy?

Puppies need very minimum calories every day, but the regular meal should be divided into four times a day and the measurement can be half bowl for every single meal. Give at least three to four hours in between each meal and make sure it is eating healthy food stuff. The best puppy food can be meat, milk and puppy foods which available in readymade, avoid feeding it heavily because it will make your puppy to get obesity. If the puppies are overweight it gets orthopedics problems and joint pains, thus this is how much to feed a puppy.         


Know how much to feed a puppy in the right amount

Any child would need the much needed nutrition for their growth by providing them with the much needed food content for them during regular intervals in a day. This not only helps the child to stay energetic, but also protects them from any health issues such as early obesity. Like any other normal human child, even the dog puppies must be fed in a timely manner to help them grow gracefully. There are several factors to be considered before knowing on how much to feed a puppy, such as its age and weight, the food type that it likes, its breed apart from several other factors. Once people are done analyzing all the several factors, they can either seek the guidance of a vet near their place or even get an expert’s help through the internet.


Age is a main factor to be considered

One of the vital information to be taken into account is the puppy’s age, based on which the feeding pattern can vary drastically. For the first 2 or 3 months since its birth, it is best that the puppy get’s its mother’s milk as it is the best source of nutrition for the pups. After this period, people can start providing the pups initially in a gruel form. This can be provided around 3 to 4 times a day in lesser quantities such as ½ the cup, rather than filling the cup completely. This not only provides them the much needed health for the puppies to be brisk and active all through the day, but can ensure that they are not overfed by providing the meals in larger quantities over a longer time span of the day. The gruel can be prepared by beating the dog food with milk or any other liquid. This is to help the pups to get adapted to the taste and also to start consuming the solid foods in their semi solid nature, rather than providing them in their direct form in the initial days itself. Over a period of weeks, people can reduce the amount of liquid in the food and start feeding their pups with solid food in a gradual manner.


Quantity and the type of food to be provided

Puppies are in their developmental stages and hence, they must be offered only foods that have the highest nutrients in them. There are numerous puppy foods available in many shops and the owners must choose the appropriate ones for them. They can find different types puppy food that can be classified based on the breed and even based on the ingredients used to prepare such products. Once people choose the ones that are appropriate for their puppies, they must know how much to feed a puppy they own. They can consult a vet or even find numerous charts found in the internet. These charts can provide the much needed information about the quantity their pet should be fed and also the number of times that they should be fed in a single day, which can be classified on the breed of the dog.